1 YEAR in Australia, our visa ends today!

A quick update!


First of all thanks for all of you who send messages and replied to posts wishing Mariel and me lots of luck in pursuing our dream! You guys ROCK!


So today marks the day that we arrived exactly one year ago in Sydney. What means that our visa ends today. So why aren't we on a plane?


The law about applying for a certain visa is as followed.


''If you lodge your application before your visa expires, you are granted a Bridging Visa. This visa allows you and your partner to stay in Australia as long as your visa application is being processed.''


And that's what happened. My employer worked around the clock to get the needed things done. So today, on the last day of our visa the application came through what gave us the chance to obtain the very needed Bridging Visa.




So it's all done? 


No. Definitely not. There are still many things to do, and after that more, and more. But we came already a long way and it is looking positive. 


For example Mariel and I have to both write our 'love story', showing we are not a fake relationship. This info follows strict guidelines. Let me tell you a few, as we had a bit of a laugh how far this goes.


How, when and where you first met. How your relationship developed. When you decided to start a De Facto relationship (not married by law). How you support each other financially, physically and emotionally. Any time of separation. Explain your future plans.

Yeah you're right, I gotta watch out about those future plans. Can't mention anything about babies or I'll be in trouble!


And that's just a part of it. So still a long way to go, but definitely a lot closer!


To celebrate one year the ocean gave me a little present this morning. I ran out the door when it was still dark...pumping surf!











Have a good weekend everybody, yewwww!





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