7 MORE DAYS! Stress has gone through the roof...


A quick and short update for all of you asking me and sending me messages about what's going on. What's happening?!?!


So we made some steps forward in the process. But at this time we came to the point where you provide documents, think that was a lot and you get send in return twice as much, new documents to complete...


Last week we thought we could drop the stress as we completed a huge amount of paperwork. Including signing for the cost of the visas we are applying for. For your info that's no joke, $7.000+ without counting the cost of translating documents (diploma's, qualifications etc.) what is around $220 for one A4...Yes, start counting.


So what we are trying to accomplish at the moment is getting a Bridging Visa. A temporary visa that allows us to stay in Australia, while in the meanwhile the final details will be approved, or not by Australian Immigration. 




With today exactly 7 days (more like 5 cause in the weekend we can't do much) left there is still a lot to do. But the lawyers helping us are tellig us it will be OK, so we try to stay calm and do what we can. But sleeping doesn't get easier, food doesn't taste that nice and even in the water I think about what is going on.


For now Mariel and I are reading dozens of pages of paperwork from immigration, trying to understand all the formal talk, laws and get sh#t done!


One way to relax is watching this to settle the mind...



Have a good weekend and I'll keep ya posted!



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