As smooth as can be!

The idea behind this new look and a new way of sharing is simple.


With this new, smooth setup I can share easy and quick short stories, adventures and random happenings. At the end of 2014 I got this feeling that I wanted to find a way to share my travels, work and lifestyle at the beach easier and quicker. Talking about my lifestyle...Thats me on the left writing this post, enjoying sunset at my home break.





So no more long blog post that takes lots of work to put together, and get published long after it all really happened. I want to create an up-to-date, quick way of sharing the life I love so much. Hoping to keep inspiring you all, showing that you can do the same.

During the bit of downtime of blogging, I got many messages from you guys, friends of friends asking about future plans, website, and as always; travel tips. So I hope I can reach out to everybody in a quick and fun way.


What to expect?

Lots of short posts, with pictures and videos that capture the experience. That can be a day in my normal life at the beach, exploring some new ground close by home or any of my planned travels!


Thanks for taking a look at my new website. Share if you like! How more of you know about it the more I can motivate, help and share the beauty of traveling and living abroad.

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