Bula F i j i | Part 1/3

May 16th, 2016

On Monday we boarded our plane for the 4hr trip over the Pacific Ocean. For the last month I was thinking about one thing only, FIJI ISLANDS!

What an amazing country, people, food and nature! To many experiences and adventures to put in one post. Bula Fiji will take you through the first 2 days.

Tucked away between the palmtrees, on the Coral Coast of South Fiji lies the Beachouse. Our spot for the week. We explored, hiked, freedived with sharks, kayaked and weaved hats from palm leaves.

Fiji is still in need of a lot of help after Cyclones and storms.Families have lost their houses and comfort. If you want to help out, please see this link:


The big moment for us came at sunset on day 2, when I asked Mariel to marry me!

Hope you enjoy all the photos, next week Monday Part 2 will be up!



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