GoPro Mouth Mount review (powered by HoStevie)


I was lucky when HoStevie asked me to try out their GoPro Mouth Mount. I never surfed with one before. I was really curious how it would be...easy, comfortable, stress-free, heavy?


So I took my GoPro + Mouth Mount out on my free Wednesday with beautiful lines rolling down the sandbank. And I was happily surprised!


- Check the 60 sec video in HD of pure happiness and good times! -


REVIEW (surf conditions: 2-3ft, longboarding)

Comfort (5/5): The mount sits perfectly between your teeth and it feels solid (it's as having a snorkel in your mouth). You can easily paddle/surf, and it won't feel very different. Crushing through set waves was no problem while holding it strongly between my teeth. 


Breathing (5/5): Easy peasy! The gaps at the end of the mount are so big that breathing is no problem. Even while paddling intensely for a wave it almost felt like any other session.


Weight (4/5): The mount it self is very light. And when attached to the GoPro it is definitely not a biggie. Only after a while I felt my jaws getting stiff from biting on the mount. I won't see myself surfing with it for 3hrs but a solid session is no problem at all!


Control of GoPro (5/5): Surprisingly good! You can easily press any buttons of the GoPro while having it in your mouth. All the buttons have easy acces. You can tilt the GoPro so it is very simple to handle reach buttons and start taking pictures or film.


General usage (5/5): Great! Ones you get on your feet it is very easy to handle the GoPro. Keeping it in your mouth or let your hands take over is childs play. I was really surprised by how simple you could film using the mouth mount.


Price (5/5): $29.99 is a very fair price for such a good tool. It is worth every dollar getting shots from the surfers perspective.


Usefull TIPS by Lars:


  • Make sure that you change the settings of the GoPro to upside down mode. As you will have the camera upside down in your mouth it will make sure that when putting the images on your computer they will be right side up!
  • Don't lean to hard forward will paddling into a wave. The buttons will get stuck with wax aswell as the lens. So keep that head up! 

All in all a very good product that I would definitely recommend. The surfers view is way better then the selfie shot taken from the nose of your board. And with so many colours in offer you will find one you like!


Order yours HERE.



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