17 April 2016

My first Giant Australian Cuttlefish and how I cooked it | (crazy) Photos inside

April 18th, 2016

New gear, good weather and the day off. No better time then to go for a spearfish session to bring home dinner. Together with my mate Clint we drove around a bit to find the best spot with calm waters.

All water shots taken by Clint (@strangerinmoskva)

Missed a beautiful fish in the first 10 min. I left the safety lock of my speargun on, rookie mistake. Luckily after scouting this new spot a bit more I spotted an Giant Australian Cuttlefish. He was hiding under a rock with nowhere to go.

We got it in and super stoked we brought this big boy home. Cleaning a cuttlefish this size is an absolute mess (as I don't have any outdoor cleaning table and there is still a shitload of ink left). So my own bathtub it was...After about a good 30min it was all set and done and I could start preparing the meat.

back spine of the Cuttlefish, 29cm

 How I cooked it: 

  • Marinate the meat with garlic, lemon juice, spring union, salt & pepper. I left it sitting like this overnight in the fridge
  • Cook the meat quickly on a high heat for a few minutes
  • Let it cool down a bit and mix it with rocket salad
  • Boil sweet patato and add this to the mix
  • Top off with some cracked pepper
  • ENJOY!

Dive safe!

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