Sharing moments: Stormy Sunday. Beach evacuation! Insta photo gallery

Sharing moments: Stormy Sunday. Beach evacuation! Insta photo gallery

34°C, open skies and small waves. That's how my Sunday started.


After 2 lessons the wind turned, the air got warmer and there was that kinda smell in the air telling you something's up. The ''Southerly'' was making its way to Maroubra.


While I was teaching the groms we had an amazing show put on by Mother Nature. Every minute the clouds were changing shape. A huge front was traveling fast and impressive to watch.


- ''Stopping the lesson a few minutes earlier was a good call as we got sand blasted seconds later'' -


What was this? If I'm correct this type of cloud is called Arcus. (Click here for Wikipedia). If I'm wrong please let me know!


Source by Wikipedia


''An Arcus cloud is a low, horizontal cloud formation. Roll clouds and shelf clouds are the two types of arcus clouds. A shelf cloud is usually associated with the leading edge of thunderstorm outflow; roll clouds are usually formed by outflows of cold air from sea breezes or cold fronts in the absence of thunderstorms.''


I found some awesome pictures on Intagram from people who were on the beach. All taken at the Eastern Suburbs Beaches.













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