Sharing Moments: When life smiles back at you!

Yesterday evening I checked the surf forecast. Tuesday morning was looking really good. Expecting 4-6ft with 16sec and the most gentle offshore wind possbile.


Now this is my moment, my life, the reason I travel.




Got up at 7am, strolled down to the beach with my eyes wide open scanning the horizon for a first sign of good swell. But waves were not the first thing that caught my eye.


'' A pod of dolphins were playing in the waves while the sunrise glitter touched the surface ''


With a giant smile on my face I saw sets rolling in with dolphins and surfers getting the same stoke.



After I took the picture I couldn't wait any longer to get my board and jump in. Don't be fooled, there are 2 dolphins in this picture. One on the right is enjoying a good surf!


I paddled out and when a set wave came through I couldn't believe my eyes. Right infront of me 6 dolphins jumped out of the wave, crossing eachother and having the best time ever.




 Best way to give you guys an idea about that moment was this picture found on Google (dolphins and surfers) taken by © Cliff Russell/Solent.


Not caring about the waves anymore I just watched. Pure happiness and feeling a life is the best way to explain those minutes.


I was surrounded by 20+ dolphins, the sun warmed up my face and my smile was as big as my flipper friends. They jumped over waves, came right beside me so close I could look them in their eyes. When I put my head underwater I could here their clicks and sounds, like watching National Geographic.


'' A magical moment was when a few dolphins raced trough the back of a wave in front of me and their silhouette made time stand still ''



photo by stokereport 


Never before was I so close to something so natural and beautiful!

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