Time flies when you're having fun!

Today at 10am Mariel and I dropped my parents at the airport. Its never fun when that moment comes, and I guess we never can get used to it...


Same as the week before we had an insane good time the second week! Besides countless days at the beach, the rockpool, biking around parks in Sydney and playing card games at home we explored Australia the best way we could.


The whitest sand in the world and Skippy the bush kangaroo!


We took off on a 2,5hr drive south of Sydney. The beautiful Jervis Bay is a must to explore! With many hidden beaches its absolutely paradise. We enjoyed an early morning dip at Hyams Beach, home to worlds whitest sand in the world (Guinness book of records). Dad and I freedived and saw some big Groupers a giant Fiddler Ray and countless stingrays. We had a fun walk on the 2km stretched beach just to take in all the scenery.













The sun started to settle so we went to spot wild kangaroos. We drove deeper in to the National Park of Jervis Bay and 100m after the first ''watch out for kangaroos'' sign we had a little friend jumping infront of our car, classic! We continued our search in Kangaroo Valley. At a beautiful campsite we had watermelon to end the day and watched dozens of kangaroos doing there thing. Or as Mariel would say ''boing boing boing''.










Its all about the unknown and go with the flow, great things will happen!


The next day we got hit by big showers and were stuck early morning what to do. After deciding to just drive to another National Park just 30min north of Sydney, the day turned out to be the best day ever! 


We arrived at Cottage Point in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. Rented a little motor boat and found ourselves inbetween creeks going inland. Clear water, huge forests and little river beds were surrounding us. Soon we stopped to have a dip in the warm, salty water. Had breakfast on board and without my moms approval I was diving of a 15m/45ft cliff! (Video coming soon on my instagram @larszeekaf)







With very little other boats arround, birds singing and the sun coming out it was a stunning view. Mariel got promoted as captain and drove us a bit further into the ''jungle''. We anchored off on a sand bank form where we could walk and look up against huge walls of green. Luckily my Dad noticed the tide dropping fast and we managed to just pull the boat of the sand and get out of there before dark!









Another day in paradise...






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