Bula F i j i | Part 3/3

May 30th, 2016

The last days of Bula F i j i, click on Part 1 or Part 2 if you missed out.

With a new pulse in the swell and an island still to be explored, Saturday turned into a full day boat trip.

With the tide dropping fast and the swell picking up I was in for a solid session. I didn't catch the wave I dreamed off prior to the trip, but it was defenitely a session to remember. I surfed 3-4ft Frigates with only 1 other guy out, THAT was a dream though...

Quickly after Captain ''Ratu'' had set course to Yanuca Island. When we arrived we were in complete awe, this couldn't be real? There is a small community that still lives on this tiny island. I'll let the photos speak for it self...seriously though, people live here, all year round, it's unreal!

''Wise'', landlord of the island prepared us an amazing lunch. During lunch Ratu and Wise explained us how the Fijian Government wants to take control over the land that is owned by local communities for generations. It's beautiful to see that these islands, reefs and waters are owned by the people who live there. It is something to treasure, not to stop.

We chilled, took in the scenery and snorkeled in pristine water. Exhausted but satisfied we cruised back to the main island.

Because of Mothersday Jo invited us on our last day for dinner with his family. They showed us how to prepare a ''lovo''. A typical Fijian natural underground oven that is only done on special occasions. Lucky us! We ate a giant meal, chatted for hours and played with the kids. Mariel and I are so thankful for this experience, words can not describe how special this family dinner was. Memories for a lifetime!


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