Sharing moments: the most intense sunset surf session. Insta Photo gallery

Sharing moments is all about the simple things that just happen. Not planned, not searched, it just crosses your path. After sharing waves with dolphins, the summer storm beach evacuation here's another moment I wanna share.


Maroubra seen from above


In the last 6yrs I've seen countless sunsets in many different parts of the world. But then, here at a place I call home now I got to experience the most insane, intense and most magnificent sunset. Why? Simple.

(Besided the fact that my stoke got an adrenaline shot after I saw my buddy Bootstrap Jacko get spit out of a right hand barrel)


It was the perfect mix, the set up you dream of.


A complete barrelfest, glassy perfection, not a breath of wind and sharing waves with friends. The sky cleared and the most golden sunset shined at our backs. A light so bright and colourful that every surfer turned around and for a moment forgot about the pumping 3ft A-frames. Paddling back from a wave I saw only smiles on every surfer I passed. Then at the horizon, with a slight fizzle the perfect shaped double rainbow formed from the headland on the left, to the one on the right. 


For 10min I turned my head every few seconds to take in what was happening. Best moments are for free.


I had the luck to enjoy this moment from out in the line-up so I gathered the best shots from Instagram.


Keep smiling and enjoy the little things!



 The Golden Sky at Maroubra Road


Maroubra Playground





  Maroubra Beach


Mark Mathews got dragged out of his apartment by his gf to capture the moment!


Let's Go Surfing groms with a killer sunset session at Bondi




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